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Crystal Grid Oracle - Deluxe Edition

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Following the success of the first Crystal Grid Oracle, the Deluxe Edition has 72 cards including both the original and an additional 36 cards for a deeper reading.

The Crystal Grid Oracle - Deluxe Edition is the next step in expanding your awareness of yourself, with help from the Crystal Kingdom. As we shift into a new "stone" age, so too do we need to shift what guides us. Old patterns and behavior's that once served us no longer will as a new you emerges. This deluxe deck leads you to expand your thinking, seeing, and perceiving. It's about pushing yourself further and realizing that the oracle is much more than just a tool--it's a direct link to Spirit and Source. 

Most importantly, this deck calls you to take the time out of your busy schedule and make time to connect with the incredible energy that works through these cards. You can make this a regular practice of self-care. 

This deluxe edition can serve as a companion to the previously-published Crystal Grid Oracle deck

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