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Everyday Folklore: An almanac for the ritual year

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For the curious and the adventurous Turn to any date and you'll find something to learn or do based on folklore of the day, the month, or the season.

Some days will take no more effort than sticking your head outside the window to see which way the wind is blowing, while others might involve train rides and scouring giant horses cut into hillsides. And each day is just a tiny snapshot of the folklore that goes on all around the world.

Everyday Folklore will give you something new to learn every day. But you'll also find yourself far more engaged with the world around you, like recognising the deliberate way the year is divided by festivals and celebrations, or as the days tick by you'll read about new finds in the hedgerows and sidings that you can use to ward off witches or decorate your home. And you'll realise that every month has its own identity (July is all about the weather, December is all about fear and hope), and how all these beliefs and traditions find ways of surviving and connecting us no matter what's happening all around us. 

Dip into this fascinatingly quirky book at any time of the year and discover something new about the weird and wonderful world around you. 

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