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Prasiolite Tumbled {Green Amethyst}

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These natural Tumbled Banded Prasiolite stones from Brazil are opaque and are also known as Green Amethyst. Most of these stones have distinctive "banding" but some may not. It is important to note that almost all of the Prasiolite/Green Amethyst that you see on the market have had their colour lab-enhanced. Most Prasiolite is created by heat treating Amethyst.

It is a powerful piece to use when doing inner healing work, especially in the areas of heart issues, forgiveness, release, etc. When used during a healing session, both client and healer should utilise Prasiolite during the session.

Prasiolite (also called Vermarine, Green Amethyst or Greened Amethyst) helps to energetically link the physical aspects of the Human self with the spiritual aspects of Higher Self. It activates the healing vibrations of the heart as the centre of consciousness and connection with the Divine. Prasiolite brings the higher vibration energy of Divine though the heart and into the physical. Prasiolite supports healing on all levels, both physical and spiritual.

Prasiolite helps to ease discomfort for those who find it difficult to express emotion. It is a reminder that all are part of the Divine, unconditional loving Source. Those who have issues of self worth or lack self-confidence will find working with Prasiolite helps to foster a deep appreciation and acceptance of self.

Prasiolite is an excellent stone to use when connecting the higher energy of Source to the grounding energy of Earth. This allows a powerful healing energy to flow from the heart into the Earth, removing any discordant, negative energy and filling the space with the capacity for renewed growth. Healers who work with stones also find that Prasiolite will work in a similar manner: Higher, healing energies flow from Source, into the heart, and through the hands, allowing the removal of these energies.

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