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Sodalite Angels

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Crafted with devotion and precision, this angelic sentinel embodies the ethereal energy of SODALITE, a stone of truth, clarity, and enlightenment. Let its presence whisk you away to a world where imagination and reality dance in harmony.

Place it on your altar, bedside table, or anywhere you seek guidance and inspiration. This angelic ally will watch over your dreams, whispering gentle encouragements in the language of the universe.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of crystal healing and spiritual companionship. Let the Carved Crystal Angel SODALITE be your guiding star, helping you soar to new heights of understanding, truth, and enchantment.

Embrace the magic, harness the wisdom, and allow this divine guardian to illuminate your journey. The Carved Crystal Angel SODALITE is not just a gem; it's a celestial friend waiting to share its enchantment with you. Embrace the magic today!

All individual, with unique carvings. 

5 cms

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