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Zodiac Crystal Set - Libra

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The Season of the Libra peoples!
2022 September 23 - October 22

This journey through the year has had its ups and downs. Your feelings of anxiety and stress had its peaking moments, but You have dealt with it all very well. Now it is time for You to see the better things that lie ahead. New friends are on the horizon! A new-found confidence in Your aura! And developing more self-growth in 2023!

Wow! This year has been progressive and supportive in many ways for You. Your ability to experiment may have done You justice, as it is a quality that makes You stand out from the crowd. You have been working very hard and sometimes it has not worked out the way you needed it to, but that is the universe guiding you to better and more fruitful things. Have faith in Yourself and Your life path, because We have faith in You.

We at the Oracle Shop have a Crystal Zodiac Kit made up with the crystals that will support You and heal Your past. You will feel the natural vibrations working with Your energies and allowing the life path before You to open with Clarity.

The crystals included in this pack for you are:
Jade: for soothing the emotional body
Opalite: for persistence and gives us strength in verbalising hidden feelings
Aventurine: Reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness.
White Howlite: is a healer to a heart that’s been full of old emotional wounds and chronic stress
Aquamarine: resonates with the calming energy of the ocean, helping you to connect with the natural energy and spirit of the element of water

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